Tested at 1,200’ elevation using 91 pump gas. Please remember that stock OEM jetting may sometimes work but if not, use these specs as a guideline to get started. Rocket Exhaust is not responsible for any damage caused when tuning. Each and every bike will be different with variations of mods, engine wear, etc and will require specific tuning.


NOTE: Before installing your new Rocket Exhaust system we always recommend using a new OEM exhaust gasket to ensure a proper seal.

1) Remove your existing exhaust system and save all mounting hardware ( bolts, washers, spacers, grommets, etc.)

2) Install your new Rocket Exhaust head pipe and leave the leave the cylinder stud nuts loose

3) Install your new Rocket Exhaust mid pipe by sliding it onto the head pipe already connected to the bike. Leave the mounting hardware loose.

4) Slide your new Rocket Exhaust muffler onto the mid pipe and leave the mounting bolt(s) loose once installed

5) Begin tightening your new exhaust system starting at the head pipe and working your way back to the muffler. Be sure to reference OEM torque specs to guarantee a proper fit

6) Before starting your bike, wipe down the head and mid pipes with rubbing alcohol to remove any finger prints

7) Start your bike and check for any exhaust leaks or visible gaps at any connection. Loosen and re-tighten if any are noticeable


We recommend only using soapy water or a mild cleaner on your new anodized muffler. Only use a soft sponge or towel since anything abrasive can remove the anodized coating. Use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to remove oily finger prints after installation.