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About Rocket

Since our inception in 2003, our vision of offering exhaust systems engineered for performance, designed with function, and manufactured to outlast the rest still remains.

Out of the gate, Rocket Exhaust systems are performance leaders in all the right places. We don’t measure the word “performance” with just a dyno. We utilize our years of experience with R&D testing to ensure every exhaust system sold doesn’t just impress us.

We use more manufacturing processes than our competitors achieving lighter weight and durability. Forged, billet, extruded, die-cast, and stamped parts are all used to assemble just the muffler portion of our exhaust. Our head and mid-pipes are engineered with strategically placed steps and tapered tubing technologies. This design allows for a more efficient intake stroke resulting in better throttle response from low to high rpm.

Combine our quality components with unparalleled attention to detail, ease of maintenance, and our guarantee to offer only the finest products available. A proven winning formula…we'll see you on the top step of the