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Silencer Packing

The packing should be changed every 15 hours of operation or, under extreme use, sooner. The life of your silencer packing can vary greatly by your riding conditions and engine state of tune. To repack simply remove the six bolts holding the inlet cap bezel to the silencer can. Pull apart, discard the old packing. Using the correct length Rocket Exhaust Pillow Repack Kit roll the pillow around the silencer core, peal the adhesive strip protector off and finish rolling. Insert the core with the new packing wrapped around it into the silencer. Line up the core to the outlet bezel, push on the inlet bezel and align the core to the inlet ring. Install the six bolts and you’re done.


Take care when washing not get water inside the silencer. Rocket Exhaust highly recommends using a pipe plug. Let the bike cool down and use mild soap and water to wash the pipe. Products such as Simple Green may discolor clear and anodized aluminum surfaces. For blemishes on the silencer use a fine Scotch brite pad to touch up the damaged area. Use of a Scotch brite pad will also restore the finish of the head pipe and mid-pipe.