About Us

A Winning Formula

Introducing Rocket Exhaust – performance 4-stroke exhaust systems for off-road motorcycles and ATVs. Out of the gate, Rocket Exhaust systems are performance leaders in all the right places. In our world, the word "performance" must deliver all the good, not just on the dyno or using technology that merely impresses a fellow engineer – that holds no appeal for us. Unless it makes you a better rider, we're not interested.

At Rocket Exhaust our definition of performance goes far beyond impressive dyno results. Performance means throttle response at all rpm levels (something a dyno can't measure), light weight and, of course standing up to the test of time. Our approach to performance focuses on being excellent in all areas, not merely standing out in one.

We use more manufacturing processes than our competitors achieving lighter weight and durability. Forged, billet, extruded, die-cast, and stamped parts are all used to make up just the silencer portion of the exhaust yielding the lightest most durable silencer compared to other similar designs. Our head and mid-pipe designs utilize carefully placed stepped and or tapered technologies which allow for a more efficient intake stroke resulting in better throttle response from low rpm to high rpm.

Did we mention that Rocket Exhaust systems cost significantly less than the competition? A winning formula…see you in the winners circle.

Don Leib, President