Oct 14

2013 Honda CRF450 and Kawasaki KX450F Pipe Testing

We have a new KX450F exhaust for the 2013 model. Which can be purchased HERE. The stock power is very good, probably the best of the new stock 450's. But we wanted to improve it. Making more power is usually not that difficult to achieve. It's how you make the power that's important. To improve the KX450F we made the power more broad and linear which makes the added power easy to apply with the throttle. Test rider BJ Burns and Wes Turner gave the final design a big thumbs up.

The most anticipated new model release in recent years has to be the 2013 CRF450R. We have a unique opportunity to design both a single and a dual system. It's doubtful that you will see a single system from the big three competitors due to the fact that Honda will pressure their racing partners to promote the dual system. Aside from the controversy of which is better one thing for sure it is easier to adhere to the newer 2 Meter Max sound requirement for professional racing with the duals. AMA pros PJ Larsen, who will be racing a Race SoCal/Rocket Exhaust 2013 CRF450R at the Monster Energy Cup, and Weston Peick were enlisted to do the final testing of the dual full system and slip-on full systems and the single full system and slip-on. The stock power is off the mark compared to the KX450F in our opinion. Thankfully the engine is not the problem. Compression, piston, valve train design and production cylinder head porting configuration are very good. The stock exhaust is very restrictive. Making more power was not the problem, making the power broad, linear and easy to apply was the goal. PJ and Weston were most concerned about improving the bottom. I'm happy to report that the single and dual systems work amazing putting the Honda on par with the Rocket Exhaust equipped 2013 KX450F. In the end the single full system has more hit than the dual system and is slightly preferred over the Rocket dual system but the difference is very close. The duals are quieter and frankly look very cool, especially in carbon. The 2013 Honda CRF450 setup is available for purchase HERE.

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